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✔️10 Days Bootcamp 

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✔️1000+ registrations expected

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✔️No drawing experience needed what so ever

✔️No special pens, makers or app required. Basic sketch pens or drawing tablet is good enough

✔️Focused learning on Visual Thinking and Webinar Marketing

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8:00 Hrs USA Pacific | 10:00 Hrs Mexico city | 13:00 Hrs Sao Paulo, Brazil | 17:00 Hrs Amsterdam, Netherlands | 18:00 Hrs Egypt | 20:00 Hrs Dubai | 21:30 Hrs India | 24:00 Hrs Singapore | 3:00 Hrs (next day) Syndey

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Bootcamp Schedule

Our Special Thanks to all our speakers who aligned with our idea of making Visual Thinking and Webinar Marketing Accessible and Affordable (specially in this difficult Covid Phase) for participants from all geographies.  

11 Jan (Monday)

Ever thought how can you draw negotiations or team support ? In this workshop you will learn to draw common business scenarios using hand drawings.

Piyuesh Modi

Visual Storyteller  & Webinar Marketer 

12 Jan (Tuesday)

In this workshop Dario will teach you the  fundamentals to create effective metaphors that deliver little stories.

Dario Paniagua

Visual Thinker 

13 Jan (Wednesday)

Move from text heavy presentations to Visual Stories. You will get to learn some specific Visual Story templates which you can use at your work. 

Willemien Brand

Founder Buro Brand, Visual Thinker & Author 

14 Jan (Thursday)

Building your online course is one of the best asset you can have in current corona phase. Learn the exact tools and methods to build and publish your online course. 

Piyuesh Modi

Visual Storyteller  & Webinar Marketer 

15 Jan (Friday)

You think sketchnoting is only for artists? Absolutely not. 

Mike will teach you techniques with which EVERY ONE can draw. 

Mike Rohde

Author, Visualization and User Exp. Designer 

17 Jan (Sunday)

Have you heard of stop motion animation ? It is one of the most engaging content right now on social media. Learn how to make cut outs and record to produce your stop motion videos. 

Sakina Haji

Stop Motion Animator

18 Jan (Monday)

 Learn to make your profession work like trainings, project execution etc in to visual ways of working and collaboration. Visual facilitation is more engaging and productive for your projects.  

Mathias Weitbrecht

Visual Facilitator  

19 Jan (Tuesday)

Learn to make visual summaries of your team meetings, conferences and talks. At the same time learn visual facilitation exercises and techniques. 

David Sibbet

Visual Facilitator  and Author 

20 Jan (Wednesday)

Learn the techniques to use visual methods as a educator and as students. Make knowledge more effective, engaging and fun with visuals ways of teaching and learning. 

Axelle Vanquaillie

Graphic Recorder and Graphic Facilitator  

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Glimpse of Our Last Bootcamp (June 2020) 

This was our first bootcamp which had 424 enrolled global participants and 10 speakers

Last time’s speaker list

Mike Rohde, Tim Hamons, Willemien Brand, Piyuesh Modi, Holger Nils Pohl, Rahul Andrews, Marco Buschman, Agalya GS, Nitasha Nambiar and Carola Vermeulen

We did graphic recording for each session

Speaker Testimonials

Mike Rohde,

Author of Bestseller “The Sketchnote Handbook” 

Willemien Brand,

Founder Buro Brand, Netherlands

Tim Hamons,

Co-editor of “The world of visual facilitation” 

Holger Nils Pohl

Visual Facilitator, Germany

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